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Payment Options

In our shop you can select the payment methods described below:

Payment method: Credit card

We accept Visa Card and MasterCard. The creditcard company will be immediately ordered to deduct the amount from your credit card account. In your credit card statement these payments are shown with the description Mechtild Brune GmbH. In case of a return, the corresponding amount will be credited to the same account.


Please note: If you choose credit card as your payment method you will only be able to put in your credit card information AFTER you finish the order process. After you confirm the order you will be redirected to the website of your credit card company where you can enter the credit card information.


Payment method: PayPal

Payment via PayPal allows you to pay for your order with your PayPal balance or per credit card as soon as you have placed your order. For you as our customer this service is free to use and without surcharge. You will need, however, a verified PayPal account. Once the order has been successfully placed PayPal will transfer the amount directly into the PayPal account of Mechtild Brune GmbH and the articles in your order will be dispatched immediately. In case of a return, the corresponding amount will be credited to your PayPal account.

Payment method: Amazon Pay (Amazon account required)
Amazon Pay (formerly Amazon Payments) allows you to conveniently pay with your payment and address information that is deposited with Amazon. In order to pay with Amazon Pay, you need an Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, an account can be opened during the ordering process. Please click on the yellow button "Pay with Amazon" to start the payment process. After successful login to Amazon, you have the opportunity to customize your payment and address information and complete the order. Paying with Amazon Pay is fast, easy and secure. You do not need a guest account or a customer account with our online shop. The payment process is entirely completed by Amazon. You do not have to provide any address and payment details and no sensitive data is transmitted to us. By purchasing through Amazon Pay you will incur no additional costs.

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